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What Type of Cases Do We Work On ...

We collect and analyze evidence for a wide variety of engagements.  In a large civil case it may be the collection and documentation of specific data.  In a malware attack it may involve the investigation of the breach and the determination of what personal data was exposed.  In an employee theft case it may involve the documentation of user activity and the determination of data transfered to USB or cloud storage locations.  Listed below are several cases we have been engaged on which demonstrate this variety.

Employee Data Theft

A small Capital Asset management firm lost a key employee who resigned from the information systems area. When he appeared shortly afterwards at a startup competitor, the client suspected that proprietary trading models and customer lists had been stolen. We recovered the email fragments and suspect documents from the ex-employees machine and wrote the court affidavit which lead to a successful settlement for the client.


New York

PII Data Breach

Keystroke logging software was installed through a phishing attack on the firm’s payroll computer. Our review of the attack documented the extent of the attacker’s activity and limited the necessary PII reporting requirements for the firm.



Security Review

When several employees left the foreign branch of a US firm, the firm was concerned that they still had access to the company’s computers.  We spent several days on-site working with management and the IT staff to review the network security design and implement changes and policies for the future.



E-Discovery Collection

An international manufacturer was involved in civil litigation with competitors. Working for the firm’s US attorneys, we collected data and documented email backup and restoration procedures at multiple Taiwan locations.



Malware Payroll Attack

The Zeus trojan malware was installed on the firm's payroll computer and was specifically designed to attack ADP users. After the clean-up, we stayed on site for three days to perform a system security review.


North Carolina

Electronic Discovery

A manufacturer in Southern China, involved in patent litigation, needed secure email collection performed at their factory and sales offices. We collected the data and documented the process in a manner acceptable to the US court.


Hong Kong & Dongguan China

PHI Data Breach

A healthcare provider suffered a significant loss of PHI when transcribed patient records were inadvertently exposed to the Internet and cached by Google. We worked with the client’s IT department to accurately and quickly evaluate the extent of the breach allowing for timely notification of patients. In addition, we were able to conclusively prove that the breach was the result of errors caused by a third party vendor of transcription services, allowing the client to bring a successful action for recovery of their losses.



Wireless Hacking

A firm found a laptop with an antenna attached hidden in tall grass outside their building. Our review showed that the computer had accessed multiple servers in the firm and email accounts of key employees. The user of the laptop was identified and the information was turned over to law enforcement.



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