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With almost all of today’s communication occurring in electronic form, a great deal of the evidence needed in any investigation is available only in a fragile electronic condition. How can that data be collected, examined and preserved so that it can be used in any legal situation? Using today’s current technology, we can find, preserve and prepare that evidence for you. It may be the smoking gun that wins your case. It may be the insight that protects you from a network data attack. Or, it may be the critical evidence that prevents an unnecessary lawsuit.

What Data do You Need Recovered to Prove Your Case?

Email - MS Outlook, web mail, recovered deleted mail, cloud email.
User Activity - network access, USB usage, files viewed or downloaded, login activity.
Documents - MS Office, PDF, Quickbook files, etc..
Cloud Data - Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive.
Social Media - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and dozens more.
Chat - QQ Chat, Messenger, Weibo, WeChat, Skype and more. 
Web Browsing Activity - sites visited, data downloaded, searches, etc.
Mobile Phone Activity - call history, texting, mobile web activity, app usage.

Finding the data you need in all the locations where it is stored and used.

We work with you to identify the data that is critical to your case.  Some information is volatile and time sensitive.  It may be overwritten in a day or a month.  Other data is so voluminous that the collection and analysis is time consuming.  Still other data, which belongs to you, may be under the control of third parties.  The right collection process will gather and preserve the data necessary for your case, but not so much it burdens the analysis process with unnecessary time and cost.


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